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Welcome to Enlargement Magazine

By Penis Enlargement enthusiasts.  For Penis Enlargement enthusiasts.

The PE Community at Your Fingertips!

  Penis Enlargement actually works?

Penis enlargement is real, very real. The dream since men first noticed their sizes varied, has been all but unattainable for the general public….until now.  The advent of the internet has allowed a level of collaboration unheard of by previous generations.  What began as a handful of men on small online forums discussing enlargement has grown into hundreds of thousands combining their knowledge on dozens of PE sites around the globe.  Ancient techniques intermingle with the latest doctor approved devices on the huge PE forums as a form of hobby, an underground hobby with new users the community calls newbies woefully  unprepared for the complexity of it all….until now.                                                

  Enlargement Magazine (EM) aims to change all that. 

    The Reviews

Everyone is busy these days. Why waste weeks of wading  through the vast enlargement forums searching or asking around for info, buy device after device, worship some “guru”, or become frustrated while trying to get past that plateau!  We take everything available, find the best of what’s out there, and present it to you the end user.  No BS, no wasting time with techniques and devices that might injure you, just the facts.  Every popular method and device will be covered in our PE user guide, featuring the world’s first enlargement safety rating system (ESRS).  Want to know what the safest and most efficient gear available is?  It will be covered in impartial reviews and articles not influenced by the manufacturers or marketing companies.  Ever go on enlargement websites that seem to know little about the actual enlargement process and use comical, body shaming, or sexually suggestive images to hawk their questionable products? Sure, we all have.  Enlargement Magazine will cover them with written and video reviews that help you decide whether they are worth the money.

     Think Consumer Reports ™ for PE Guys!

The Articles

Brand new monthly EM created articles covering everything PE related. Topics will run the spectrum, including society’s cultural views on PE, stealth PE techniques, achieving the gain zone, to addressing the impact of porn on self image will be presented monthly for your entertainment.


PE News

Penis and enlargement related news from around globe.  PE and men’s sexual health related news article section, updated as new articles appear on the web.


  Injury Index

Have concerns you may have an injury but don’t know for sure?  Visit the Injury index for descriptions, photos, and remedies to help you continue your PE journey. 

The interviews

 Actual PE user interviews.  Each month, a new PE experienced or veteran user will be featured to learn from and share his thoughts on his development.  The next one could be you..!


The Journey

Curious about where to start?  No more wondering what to do and when.  Take The Journey, Enlargement Magazine’s very own interactive PE guide. Designed to take into account your starting dimensions and goals, the guide uses your feedback to tailor a routine to your specific needs. Presented in stages, the guide brings you all the way through your PE Journey from beginner to veteran using the safest methods available.


The Forum

No proper PE community should be without one.!  PE topics and unrelated content will be discussed in a censorship and judgement free environment.  The forum will feature live chat options for messaging as well. As volume allows, M9 will be live chatting with forum visitors and will be available for limited private messages  as well.

The Gallery

Our image collection featuring user submitted measurement photos as well as those documenting M9’s continued progress. 


Video Tutorials


More of a visual learner? Visit our video section covering some of the most popular. 


Free progress tracking sheets

(Found in the Store)

Download your free tracking sheet to both document and improve your PE experience.  (Windows Excel)

The Terminology

PE forums throw around dozens of strange and unique terms.  Get up to speed fast so you can get on with your development with our term glossary pages.



A 30 to 60 minute weekly show featuring PE vet hosts discussing topics you want to hear about.  Phone call-ins will be featured where guys can interact and ask questions of the hosts along with special guests.

          Dude, what’s your routine?

User routines are a popular topic, so popular user routines will be highlighted on their own unique page.


               By penis enlargement enthusiasts.  For penis enlargement enthusiasts.

Meet M9ter (M9), also known as CJ Major, the author of the popular book Monster 101: Advice from a PE Veteran. CJ was recently featured in an article for Men’s Health Magazine and is editor in chief and publisher of Enlargement  Magazine.  A veteran with over 23 years of experience in both manual and device use, CJ has counseled over two thousand men on multiple forums since 2015 since he came out of PE retirement to increase his size even further. He is also the head moderator and founding member of AJelqForYou, Reddit’s largest penis enlargement forum. CJ has spent countless hours testing, suffering injuries (so you don't have to.!), and perfecting his methods to bring you the best the PE community has to offer.

      Low Monthly Subscription

For less than the price of a pizza per month you get all the latest the PE community and device manufacturer's have to offer and potentially save yourself priceless time and money.  Subscriptions come in several packages to fit your budget.



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Editor: CJ MAJOR