Just what works


Its a simple motto, but in this day and age of scam penis enlargement websites and products it means our commitment to selling only quality enlargement products that have been proven to work.  Founded and run by a penis enlargement veteran and practitioner, we know our customers want real results. Our products have been well tested and offer the best possible chances of success. 



       Privacy is our policy


All consultation data is kept in paper files versus electronically so there are no databases to be compromised.  Your identity is kept private and any material purchased from the site arrive in plain packaging with no hints as to the contents, keeping it secret from friends or family. Your personal info is not sold or shared, and all emails and correspondence is plain with no hint as to the contents if possible. 







         About our founder

Known currently as M9ter or M9 on the website Reddit.com, specifically the forum known as ajelqforyou, M9 is a PE veteran with 24 years of experience reaching back to the birth of the global internet. M9 has a degree in abnormal psychology and has counseled hundreds of men on penis enlargement.  His profession before starting the site was as a research and development designer and inventor for several Fortune 500 companies including Coca Cola.   His experience includes designing devices and automation equipment for vacuum and hydraulic test applications, military weapon systems, medical R&D test projects, as well as penis enlargement devices. All products sold on the site are tested by M9 to ensure quality and his current statistics will be posted to monitor his ongoing progress.