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Photo Submissions

Photos submissions are subject for review. When submitting your photos, you are hereby allowing Enlargement Magazine to all rights of your photo on the website and any material contained within the photo for Enlargement Magazine purposes only. Please indicate which name you'd like to have listed on the photo.

General Contact

For any other reason other than above, please contact us through our general mailbox. Thank you. 

Success Story Submission

Please feel free to share a success story with Enlargement Magazine. All submissions are subject to editing and formatting for general audiences. Please indicate the name you'd like us to use for your story.

Guest request for Podcast Show

If you or someone you know would make a great guest on our Podcast show, please forward information to Enlargement Magazine. List the name, contact information and subject you'd like to discuss on the Podcast. Please note: not all submissions will be contacted. Podcast affiliates will schedule shows based on relevant information and what's 'hot' at the time. Podcast shows will be listed on the Podcast calendar up to 6 months in advance.