Injury Index

Hard Flaccid (Turtling/smaller after session): New individuals with their tissues still in the natural state (not yet broken down) will often  experience a smaller, harder (like a rubbery pipe) flaccid size immediately after sessions as the body’s natural reaction to the exercises instead of visible enlargement.  This is completely normal, but can often scare men that are new to PE.  Some men will experience erection problems after noticing the initial hard flaccid state due to psychological reasons (not physical) in that they may feel they have “broken” themselves.  To be sure, once the initial scare subsides within hours men will often find their erections to be stronger and in some cases visually larger.  The hard flaccid state can last from days to weeks after sessions depending upon routine and the individual’s responses to the stimulus exerted.  Also, the hard flaccid can return even when the tissues are conditioned if they are seriously over-trained or overloaded which also can appear as lower erection quality.


Blood from Tip: The urethral wall is the weak link when stretching or hanging, acting as the release valve when blood is forced into the glans.  Caused by blood being present in the glans while manual stretching or during device use, typically hanger use with weights above 10 pounds.  Blood that appears can take the form of pinkish fluid to considerable amounts of blood depending upon the severity of the tear and the user’s blood clotting abilities. Recommended treatment: Rest until no pain, blood, or dull soreness/ache is felt. Typical healing is 7-10 days

Torn Frenelum: Tear in the webbing of skin located between the tip and the base of the glans (head) on the underside, typically due to excess force from manual stretching or from heavier weight hanging (over 6 pounds usually) via various methods. Recommended treatment: Rest until no pain, scabbing, or dull soreness/ache is seen/felt. Healing can take days to even months for serious tears


Venous leak: Symptoms include but are not limited to sudden loss (during/immediately after session) of erection and/or lower quality of erection/erection quality, sharp pain (changing to dull pain) localized in the area of tear at time of injury, sudden change in internal temperature, and smaller overall erect size due to loss of internal blood pressure to achieve full erection. Typically caused by a small pressure induced tear/rupture in an internal vein/chamber or in rarer cases blood seeping through the actual erectile chambers due to excessive breakdown of the chamber walls from PE exercises or devices.  Tears in veins and seeping chamber walls often take days to weeks to heal. Avoidance of PE in general and sex/masturbation until erection quality returns (avoid erections) is recommended.  Recommended treatment: Rest until erection quality is restored without pain. Should the sharp pain be followed by any feelings/symptoms of dizziness/blood loss do not wait to consult a medical professional for treatment.

Blisters: Typical appearance is a water blister on the surface of the glans caused by vacuum cup attachments or air/water pump use.  Caused by excess internal pressure pushing against the walls of the glans created by higher weight/force loads.  Recommended treatment: Rest until blister fully heals and is no longer visible, then reduce weight/force/apply tape to glans to avoid repeating the injury. Typical healing is 7-10 days.

Soreness in shaft and at base: Typical reaction to stretching routines, be it extender, hanger, or ADS use.  Soreness felt directly after routines is normal, with soreness felt the next day/days later a sign of cellular repair and growth.  Recommended treatment: Heat application, massage, and rest have been shown to work to well.


Numbness: Sudden loss of some to all sensation of the glans.  Caused mostly by the buildup of edema between the outer skin of the glans and the nerve receptors.  Sensation will usually return within hours as the edema subsides. Should the numbness persist, it may be due to excess pressure being placed on the dorsal nerves at the connection to the glans where it meets the shaft while stretching exercises or heavy weight hanging.  Recommended treatment: Temporary numbness from edema disappears in hours typically. For lingering numbness, application of moist heat via soaking in barely tolerable (check with thermometer first) hot water will aid in healing and restoration of sensation

Edema: The buildup of lymph and blood between the skin and the shaft walls. Very common following girth related exercises and dry/wet pumping sessions. Relatively harmless, but can become slightly painful with excessive expansion. Recommended treatment: Disappears within hours with extreme edema taking 12-24 hours to dissipate. Edema is not a negative sign during the PE process.

Dull pain: A dull pain sensation following exercises usually indicates tissue, ligament, or vein weakening.  Areas experiencing dull pain days after routines can be signs of growth/repair occurring.  

Discoloration: Shaft skin changing from the same color as the surrounding area to a darker color.  Caused primarily by pressure based routines and devices, most notably from air and water pump use. As blood is trapped during pressure routines and device use, the blood cells lose oxygenation.  After the 5 minute session mark, serious darkening of the skin begins to occur, with the first signs of necrosis (cell death) after 10 minutes.  Recommended treatment: Keep session length to 5 minutes per session to limit skin darkening and increase safety.  Preparations such as Amalactin applied topically on the skin has been shown to aid in removing discoloration.


Bruises: Symptoms are small to large circular bruises blue/black in color beneath the skin, sometimes accompanied by sudden loss of erection quality and a change in internal temperature. Recommended treatment: Rest until blister fully heals and is no longer visible, then upon restarting PE reduce weight/force to avoid repeating the injury. Typical healing is 7-10 days.

Red Dots on shaft/glans: Small red dots found during and immediately after manual and device sessions for girth. Caused by the rupturing of tiny capillaries beneath the skin from internal pressure. Recommended treatment: Should the dots be on the shaft only, they will fade and disappear within hours after girth sessions, maximum being within 24 hours.  Should the red dots be observed on the glans, avoid girth exercises until the red dots fully disappear before restarting girth related PE. 

Tingling during session: Tingling accompanied by color change to blue or black is a sign of circulation cutoff and impending nerve damage.  Do not ignore it.


Sudden shock sensation and sudden decreased/loss of sensation:  Possible nerve damage may have occurred from circulation cutoff and/or excess pressure loads placed on the glans/dorsal nerve cluster and connection between the glans and shaft. Recommended treatment: Remove device immediately, massage, rest, and evaluate sensation levels once all tissues are free of edema. Application of moist heat via soaking in barely tolerable (check with thermometer first) hot water will aid in healing and restoration of sensation. Do not repeat the same exercise/setup/device use that caused the injury.

Morning Wood Loss:  Very common to PE users who have begun to break down the chamber walls.  Not a negative symptom or sign.  Morning wood/erections will return after PE has ceased and all healing has occurred, usually in weeks to in rare cases months for hardcore PE practitioners.

Tingling After Session: New PE users will sometimes experience a tingling sensation immediately following sessions and often sometimes hours or days later. No pain or other negative symptom should accompany it. This is normal and is a sign the body’s growth and repair mechanism is working.  Please note that the tingling sensation does tend to go away as your PE journey continues. 


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