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9 Questions with M9:

  TexasGirth Style.!

December, 14, 2019

From the very beginning of the concept for the magazine, I had it in my mind to interview TexasGirth. My closest internet  friend, long time PE veteran, and one of the original moderators for Reddit's largest PE forum r/AJelqForYou. With size to match his forum handle, TG has become one of the most trusted and outspoken members of the forum, sharing his knowledge freely with others to educate and inspire them. His great attitude coupled with his willingness to help others drew me to him and I feel it only right to honor him with Enlargement Magazine's very first PE veteran interview.  Without further introduction, I give you..TexasGirth.!


M9- How old are you?

TexasGirth- I'm now 39, but I don't look my age. Plus, "Black don't Crack." I look like I'm in my mid 20s. I'll get carded if I shave my beard. So, I'll keep it so I don't look like a baby...HA!

M9- What do you do for work?

TexasGirth- I'm a television and film producer...No, not porn...HAHAHA!

M9- What inspired your PE forum name?

TexasGirth-Well...I'm from Texas, and my goal is to have a wonderful girth for whomever my wife will be...hahaha...! Plus, I've never really believed that all women want or can handle the longest length ever. Most women don't want to have their cervix stabbed over and over again. However, my experiences have taught me that almost ALL of them love girth. Hence, I have a saying: "Length is good, or so it would seem; But it's GIRTH that makes her scream and cream." It's crude, I know...but there it is.

M9- What were your starting stats, where are you now, and what are your final goals?

TexasGirth- I started out at 8" BPEL x 5.25" MSEG. I'm currently (without a post-pumping "pump") 9.25" BPEL x 6.3" MSEG. I think I want to reach 9.75" BPEL x 6.5" or 6.75" MSEG. But, here's the thing. The length doesn't matter if the length isn't showing because of the thickness of the fat pad at the base. Therefore, I'm attacking my visible "length" from two directions. I'm now back to Heavy Hanging as of this morning. The other direction from which I'm coming at this is my gym workouts. The best way to lose any and all unwanted weight is proper exercise and diet. I've lost a total of about 65 pounds so far, and I want to drop another 45-50. The adage is you "gain" half an inch of visible length or so for every 15 pounds you drop. Plus, my overall goal is to be the best "Me" I can possibly be. I'm speaking of emotionally/mentally, physically, financially, and spiritually. If I get to my goal dimensions for my unit, then it really doesn't matter if I'm an emotional and mental wreck. So, it's really about who I am as a whole.

M9- Have you had any injuries during your PE career?

TeaxGirth-I've not had any injuries, but I can speak of self-care in this regard. Most of us dudes don't really "care" for our unit. It just sort of exists until we're using it either for sex, masturbation, PE or while standing in front of a urinal/toilet. But, like any other part of the body, it requires attention and care. Because of the stress you can put on your unit and even its skin from all the pulling and such, you can easily develop rashes from irritation. Early on, I learned to invest in quality, all-natural moisturizers. The best that I've found is pure West African shea butter (yellow or white). Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is better than that stuff. It soothes the skin and keeps it looking healthy. And, being a person of color, I noticed that it works best for me. Women of color have been telling everyone the truth about Shea Butter for years. I just finally started listening. Outside of Shea Butter, the only other thing I use is Coconut Oil.

M9- When and how did you discover PE was real?

TexasGirth-Discovering PE and discovering that it was real happened simultaneously for me. I was watching an episode of Tosh.0 a few years back. In it, he started joking about something called a "Bathmate". I had to look it up and verify that such a thing even existed. He trashed the thing, and the audience was cackling and laughing at it. I have to admit, I was, too. But, I was curious about it, too. So I purchased one, began using it regularly, and noticed that there were some permanently larger changes. I haven't turned away from PE since I started in late 2011.

M9- What was/is your motivation for your PE work?

TexasGirth-Now, that's the real question. It started with porn. I didn't know I was "small". Notice that I used quotation marks around that word. The reason why was that I started really watching porn and comparing myself to the guys in those films/clips. I wasn't even aware of the camera tricks and angles that were used in the business. I just knew that, in comparison to what I was seeing, I was "small" even though women I had encountered told me I was nowhere near being a small dude. So, years later, happening upon that Bathmate episode of Tosh.0, I got into PE. But, no matter how much I grew and gained, there was always the nagging thought that I wasn't as large as I needed to be—that I wasn't the size of those guys in porn, and that it's the porn sizes that women go for. It became an abiding insecurity.  So, I furiously went for PE, though I wasn't addressing the central reason. I was trying to be larger than a LIE! After really buckling down and working on my mindset and perspective, my motivations in PE changed. Now, I just want to be healthy, give my future wife (whoever she may be) the best sexual experiences she'll ever have and attach those experiences to my complete love for her and her love for me. Yeah, PE is fun, and it feels good to have a sizable unit, but that's not all there is to life, especially when smaller men can blow their partners' minds. So, my motivations are different now. Like I said earlier, I just want to be the best "Me" I can be. I don't need to be the largest. There's always someone bigger anyway. But, there's also something called being too big to be useful. 

M9- What routines did you start with and what are you doing now?

TexasGirth-I started off pumping with a Bathmate. Did some stretches and such. Saw some gains. Then, I switched over to using a Penomet Pump. By far, that's the best water pump, if you ask me. Along with that were some manual girth exercises and some clamping. Fast forward a few years to now, I'm only using an air pump when I pump. I heavy hang. I double-clamp. And I follow and augment the Monster Girth Exercises in the "A Jelq For You" subreddit. I've been going hard after girth for about 3 years now, even though I peppered in some heavy hanging during that time. Now, I'm going to exclusively heavy hang and clamp. That much girth work can diminish your EQ. It makes no sense to be thick as hell but not be standing at full mast. So, I'm going to allow the unit to heal with some clamping and hanging. 

M9- Any message for those just starting out? 

TexasGirth-My message to those starting out is simple. If you're watching porn, STOP. If you're comparing yourself to other people in any shape, form, or fashion, STOP. This also means looking at Reddits where people rate one another and post for people's opinions. Yes, that mess is out there, and the guys reading this who are beating themselves up for not measuring up to the images they see of people posting doctored images of themselves know EXACTLY who they are. For most guys that get into PE, it's insecurity that drives them to begin PE. But, no one ANYWHERE can offer you the validation that God and you can give yourself. Just dig deep and root out the lies you've believed. I'm a devout man of faith, and I realized that God is the only One who can properly define me. Even after you receive the truth of the blessing of a dude that you are, you still have to approach PE the right way. Do PE for you. If you want to please your partner, cool, but the first person for whom you better yourself in any way must be YOU. This is precisely why I ask dudes who come to me for routines and advice to update me on their journey thus far. They want to hop directly into a routine, but the biggest and most important organ you'll ever use is a healthy mind because a healthy mind and heart will give rise to a healthy unit taking advantage of an effective routine. For, how in the hell can you have a healthy unit if the rest of you is trash? So, heal YOU and have a WHOLE YOU before you look to your penis to be the definition of who you are or what you can do in the bedroom. 


Also, have some PATIENCE! Your cock isn't about to be a 2x4 in 8 months! When someone recommends a routine to you and you like it, give it time! Growth is a journey, not a sprint. Quick gain means quick loss. Anything worth truly having takes time. Greatness isn't achieved in a microwave. It's forged in the fire of time. So, for any part of your life, if you got it quickly, prepare to release it. But, if you go through the ups and downs of the journey, you'll achieve the greatness you're looking for. My God, I sound like a motivational speaker...HAHAHAHA!!!

M9- How old are you? 


Al: I'm currently 46 years old



M9- What first inspired your PE career?


Al:  I actually got involved in male enhancement almost by accident.  In the mid 90's, I was researching potential ad spots for a book I was writing on drug-free bodybuilding.  Many of the magazines I researched at the time had ads for penis enlargement surgeries and devices.  I thought it would be a good idea to research an alternative to these options and offer the data up as a free bonus for the purchase of the book.  I did the research and used myself for experimentation.  After offering the course as an addition to the book, if I received 10 emails about the book- 9 of them on average were asking about the penis enlargement data!  It was then that I knew there was a future in male enhancement. 



M9- What were your biggest challenges during your PE career?  Any regrets?  


Al:  Going along with the changes and helping men through some very difficult issues.  On average, there appears to be more concern over performance issues and other problems- like porn addiction- than there was 20 some-odd years ago.  You share the pain these men feel when they tell you about their problems, and it's always my hope they'll overcome their issues!




M9- Most men in the PE world know you as the face of PEGym.  How did all that get started?


Al: I reached out to the owners of PEGym about 12 years ago asking to become a part of their team.  They were aware of who I was, and they welcomed me with open arms!




M9- What were your starting stats, where are you now, and what are/were your final goals?


Al:  I started off at about 6.5" L x 5" G, and ended at 8.5" L x 6.25" G.  I was happy to get over 8 inches in length, but knew that more wouldn't necessarily be better for my own purposes. 


M9- Have you had any injuries during your PE career?


Al: Thankfully, no.  I've always been a big believer in easing slowly into new training.  Being in excellent cardiovascular conditioning when I started this trainign was alao very helpful- not only inpreventing injuries but also in the speed of making gains.



M9-What routines did you start with and what are you doing now?


Al: I started off with a jelq based routine and transitioned to a proto-version of what I term the "Jelq Free" routine.  Since reaching my goals well over 20 years ago I haven't done any active PE training- beyond testing movements out to develop a feel for them.  I've been in what you could call "maintenance mode" since then.



M9-Al, I see you have a new book.  Did you want to give readers an idea of what's inside for those interested?


Al:  Sure! The book is based on all I've been privileged to learn from working with men in this industry and my colleagues going on 23 years now.  It covers enlargement training, stamina development, device work, supplements, fitness, the psychology for self-mastery, and more.  I'll be regularly publishing portions of it to



M9- Any message for men just starting their PE Journey? 


Al:  Make sure you get into this for the right reasons- and using the right mindset!  If you're training out of frustration or with anxiety, you're going to have problems.  This is becuase the penis doesn't respind well under negative emotional stress.  Take your time, and be sure you make erection quality and a positive mindset the priority in your training.  This will make sure you get the most out of your work. 

9 Questions with M9:

       Big Al Style.!

January 13th, 2020