Advice From a PE Veteran

Ever wanted to learn from someone with real experience in Penis Enlargement? Want to avoid being scammed or wasting months to even years trying to find out what works?  Written by a penis enlargement veteran with 23 years of experience, Monster 101 is the creation of Reddit user, "M9ter" also known as M9, one of the founding members of ajelqforyou, Reddit's largest penis enlargement forum.  M9ter has counseled hundreds of men on penis enlargement techniques on multiple enlargement forums and is now pleased to present his techniques and advice for your entertainment. Book arrives as a PDF file to your email of choice once payment is made. 
Monster 101 is a comprehensive guide to the world of Penis Enlargement (PE), designed for both those brand new to PE and veterans of the hobby. Written in a conversational style that's both easy to understand and translate, the book covers many topics including:
How PE works.
The stages of Penis Enlargement.
Beginner, Intermediate, and Veteran programs
The golden formula to successful PE.
General Device guide.
What really works and what doesn't.
Overcoming plateaus in your PE routine.
How to change the size and shape of your penis to build your dream penis.
How to speed up the process. 
Tips and tricks.
The Future of PE
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