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Welcome to the Underground

You are now part of a movement that has been building since the dawn of the internet as we know it today. In most of the world the reality of PE is still either completely unknown or only whispered about, bringing you a permanent ban on discussion sites like Reddit for even bringing it up. Those conditions along with years of endless enlargement scams, serious injuries during the pioneering years of PE, female focused culture, and society’s general attitude that men should be strong and just deal with their problems in private have created and shaped the underground PE scene we encounter today. By nature we men are problem solvers, taking risks and often literally our fate in our own hands. Hence the movement to find solutions has been mostly an underground effort that only in the last 20 years has really expanded in popularity. In this article we’ll address the various factors that have contributed toward the PE community’s continued underground reputation. Let’s start with….

The Forums

What was once a handful of men exchanging ideas on chat rooms and message boards back in the mid 1990’s evolved into the huge forums of today. Hundreds of thousands of members visiting multiple sites, with most being lead by a charismatic leader or guru of some kind espousing his particular philosophy. Massive sites like Thunders Place, PEGym and Matters of Size via for the reader’s attention alongside much smaller forums such as the 2 year old r/AJelqForYou on Reddit. All men. All anonymous due to the stigma of discussing the taboo subject of penis enlargement. While that anonymity affords men a level of personal privacy, it also can lend itself regrettably towards men developing online personas used to bully others, which I myself was subject to on more than one occasion.

Most forums follow the tried and true message board form which while easily handling the member volume, can often overwhelm and confuse new members. Knowledge may be withheld unless you know or befriend someone, newbies are sometimes mistreated simply for asking questions, and others often withhold info which can make new users feel like true outsiders.

The Guru Effect

Each of the most popular PE forums online feature a master or what their followers sometimes call a “Guru”, with them having their own personal perspectives and takes on PE. Spend any length of time on these forums and you’ll quickly discover who the guru is. Drama due to some guru’s “us versus them” mentality can sometimes boil over with gurus actively or covertly working to one-up or discredit existing or new gurus versus trying to work with them to increase the PE community’s knowledge base with the result being all the members benefitting. My feelings are that it’s purely putting profits before people. The worst form of this being when the guru’s tribe takes a stance against the “rival” guru and his forum. This “tribal” attitude divides the community and hinders growth by placing new visitors in the middle of the drama when all they want to do is get the best info for their personal goals. Personality conflicts among the gurus and tribe mentality contribute towards the community remaining incognito due to the fractured image presented to the outside world. As a newbie, who and what should they believe?

The Bro-Science

Right alongside the gurus on the forums is often what outsiders would call Bro-science or pseudoscience. Mixed in with some valuable experience, it sounds convincing and will garner some results, giving albeit short term gains. Get some gains from pulling it this way or that? Cool…! Post it and guys will copy it for their routines because there isn’t anything else out there. While that strategy worked back at the start of the old school forums, the practice is still at work today with the end result being men wasting time on routines that have been proven by the latest science to be only partially effective or outright dangerous. Those new to PE forums will then blindly believe in whatever the latest cool sounding routine is without questioning its actual safety and effectiveness, while those outside the community lose respect for it due to its embracing questionable and possibly hazardous methods. Want to know why the medical professionals frown on the PE community? This is just one of the reasons.

The Injuries

Speaking of the other big reason why doctors disapprove of PE methods, the injuries. Think of some of the greatest achievements man has ever accomplished. Behind each triumph was a man who took risks and in some cases paid the price for his pioneering spirit in the form of injuries or even death. Men by nature are risk takers, and unfortunately risk takers attempting to further knowledge have often suffered the consequences of those risks. The early PE community was no different. It saw its share of sometimes horrific injuries. Jelqing, early device experimentation, and high weight/time hanging with nooses/loops each produced scores of men with in some cases debilitating injuries. Search PE injuries and dozens of photos of maimed genitals are on display, some in glorious high resolution. In the medical community, prior to extenders you had endless doctors proclaiming PE is impossible or too dangerous against a handful of dudes online who say it isn’t. So to the casual observer, PE was only for the truly brave. A view which only added to their status as an exclusive club.

Society’s Traditional View of Men

The ideal of the strong and silent male. If you were born before the 2000’s you were probably exposed to the traditional values that held men to the standards of being tough and never showing any signs of weakness. The hero archtype. My father was a classic 1950s dad, teaching me those same standards, with him ultimately keeping the illness from us that contributed to his passing. You see son, you must never show weakness. I myself was born in the 1970s and grew up in the 1980’s. I think of my childhood as the age of heroes, mainly due to the large number of tough role models including the likes Gi-Joe, Arnold, and Stallone in their prime. Weakness was always hidden or rarely discussed as a result, which contributed towards the online PE community’s hidden status.

The Modern Gynocentric Society

While I speak fondly of my childhood, the same cannot be said of the dystopian world we increasingly live in today. I’m not going to sugar coat it gentlemen. We live in a world currently run by nannies who have declared war on men and being male in general. Others would use more colorful language. Political correctness and the recent body positive movement have made strides towards addressing body shaming as the negative act it is. All of that progress, however, appears to apply to everything except penis size and to a lesser extent male height as many men will attest. The most prominent male feature and one that men until recently couldn’t change continues to be an object of ridicule.

Generations of women have been taught that they can voice their opinions as loud as they please with no repercussions while men must suffer in silence…it’s their duty as men you know! What happens when men are shamed by women and they have no recourse? They go online looking for answers anonymously, forming groups to solve the problem and all the while keeping it hidden from further ridicule from the greater society.

In conclusion

Things are changing for the better and some situations I’ve stated may soon no longer exist. While these issues are slowly being addressed within the PE community by embracing new and safer methods, the old methods such as jelqing are being abandoned. Momentum towards safer and faster enlargement methods is increasing, with new breakthroughs being introduced at a steady rate as bro-science gives way to actual science. It is not my intention to insult nor alienate any PE forum or the community, but rather instead highlight some of the reasons I believe the community has remained underground to the detriment of those who could truly use the information. The creation of this magazine is an attempt to collect and unite that information and members from these disparate communities while also holding manufacturer’s to higher standards with the reviews and ratings systems found within. It’s a win/win for everyone… theory….( :



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