The Journey

In the PE world, there are several avenues to increase your size, but not every approach may be right for you.  Making some choices can either either hinder future gains or alter your  shape in a negative way if you have an ideal shape in mind


If you need less than 1"  If you desire less than 1" of length gain, manual stretching routines are recommended for ease of use and to avoid purchasing equipment you don't really need. Remember that it suggested to overshoot your goals at least .25” in general to retain your final length gains.

If you need More than 1"  If you desire more than 1" of length gain, consider some form of device (vacuum cup extenders/hangers/ADS systems are currently considered safest) first as they are the most efficient for creating gains as well as being medically reviewed as safe. Systems DO NOT have to be expensive to be effective.!

                    LENGTH ONLY

-With length, the best routine is one that places the penis under tension for as long as possible each day, preferably with no rest days. The longer (time) you stretch, the longer it becomes.! Do not become discouraged if you need to take rest days/week. If a break is unavoidable, perform simple light stretches for a few minutes on each break day and you will not lose forward progress.

-Expect roughly .25" of girth increase for every 1" in length with manual stretching (base/midshaft girth gain).

-Expect roughly 0-.125" of girth increase for every 1" in length with device stretching (base/midshaft girth gain).

-In general your girth will not decease as length increases. Note that if doing girth work, your latest .25" temp gain can often disappear due to the mass shifting towards girth.

                                            LENGTH TIPS and TRICKS

-Retract the foreskin if you have it and create a OK grip circling where the shaft meets the base of the glans (head).

-Glans should be squeezed free of blood to avoid blistering. -Grip should be just tight enough to prevent the glans from slipping through the OK grip hole.

-DO NOT grip too tightly, as it can cause damage to the dorsal nerves found beneath the glans. -Gently extend your grip either outwards (at erection angle you have or desire) or downward until you begin to feel tension.

-LESS IS MORE...! DO NOT pull any more than what is needed to feel a strain at the base. Your hands have the ability to cause damage with excess force.

-Strive for a sore feeling at the base, which can often be felt afterwards, for it to be effective.

-Once you reach that sensation, hold and dwell on that feeling.

-Stress + time = growth. NO reps, no counting.....maintain stress as long as possible. Just hold until either 5 minutes or your hand gives out, then reset or switch hands.

-At the 5 minute mark, stop and massage the tissues for 1-5 minutes before starting another 5 minute session.

-Session length should only be 30 minutes of the 5 on/5 off sessions at first for safety. Eventually as your stamina/conditioning increases, increase your daily session length to 1+ hours.



-When ordering, measure CAREFULLY since most sites do not accept returns that are opened.

-Carefully read and follow the manufacturer's instructions to insure safety and proper use.

-Learn the setup procedure and practice setup along with fast escape methods in the event of emergency.

-The equivalent of 4-6 pounds of force works well and also avoids blistering.

-Always wash all components that touch the penis to avoid Urinary tract infections.

-Wear the device as long per day (every day, no rest days) as the manufacturer recommends and be sure to check/feel frequently for proper circulation. It is general good practice to remove the device hourly to evaluate condition and circulation.

-DO NOT continue to wear any device that causes pain and/or cut off of circulation


Length only and balanced routines 

-Free hanging technique. Only requires placing water bottles into a shopping bag and use as a hanger.

-Use one bottle at a time to keep the weight low for safety.

-Next hang the bag from your wrist like watch, then grip the area where the glans meets the shaft with a grip just tight enough to avoid cutting off circulation to the head.

-Head should be flaccid and squeezed of blood to avoid forcing blood into it from the hanging force.

-Once you have the grip right, let the wrist/arm go limp which transfers the weight onto the head/grip.

-Hang for 5 mins, then rest for 5 mins, alternating on/off for 30-60 mins total time. always watch for numbness, tingling, sharp pain, sudden shock feeling, as these are signs that an injury is about to occur.

-Use just enough weight to feel a strain/soreness at the base both during and after stretching sessions.

The Shopping Bag Hanger

What should I do first?
The main question is what are your goals?


-Stress + time = growth. The Diamond Method. Prolonged expansion of the tissues over periods of time (similar to priapism) yields the best results.

-Expect roughly .25" of length increase for every 1" in girth with manual or device girth work.

-LESS IS MORE...! DO NOT use excess force. All that is needed is to feel a skin/tissue stretching sensation for it to be effective which at times can become uncomfortable. Your hands have the ability to cause damage with excess force.

-As long as you continue to feel your skin and tissues stretching, the area(s) being stressed will continue to grow.

Timed Pressure Hold (TPH)- Basic

-To perform a TPH, form an OK sign grip with thumb and forefinger at the base of your flaccid penis with the palm facing you, not too tight.

-Fingers should be lubricated (not absolutely necessary) with lotion that doesn’t dry out easily and washes off quickly.

-Circle the shaft tightly and either Kegel in blood or stimulate (use your erection) to add blood to the shaft above your grip.

-Be sure your foreskin is retracted, unless you want the foreskin to grow along with the head.

-To add blood, open the grip and either Kegel in blood or let the erection mechanism do it (DO NOT continue to get fully hard).

-Continue to allow more and more blood in by opening and closing your grip, with the grip ALWAYS going back to the tight (flaccid size) grip seal it was when you started while flaccid.

-As you add increasingly more blood, the entire shaft and glans (head) will begin to feel tighter and start to become slightly painful with the stretching sensation. The head will become shiny and stretched very tight.

-At this point, HOLD that grip/pressure and dwell on that overall stretching slightly uncomfortable stretching pain sensation.

-To maintain/add pressure you can squeeze the grip tighter to increase pressure as well.

-Hold as long as you can, (30 or more seconds up to a few minutes depending upon grip stamina) and then reset and repeat until a total of 5 minutes have gone by.

-At the 5 minute mark, release your grip and massage the shaft and head to restore circulation for 2-5 minutes (also helps prevent discoloration) and then start another 5 minute expansion session.

-To be clear, all you need is to feel the stretching/pinching sensation for it to work.

-Session length should only be 30 minutes of the 5 on/5 off sessions at first for safety. Eventually as your stamina/conditioning increases, increase your daily session length to 1+ hours.

-More information coming in the Journey part 2.


(Length and Girth)

-If you desire less than 1 IN/2.54 CM of length gain, manual stretching routines or devices first combined with some form of girth routine. Schedule would be daily for length with no rest days and with 50/50 (girth/length) days every other day OR alternate length days/girth days.

-If you desire more than 1 IN/2.54 CM of length gain, consider focusing on length only related routines and devices first and then switch to girth when your length goals are met or close to being met. Girth routines in general create extra mass, which can slow length gains.


-Shockloading is the use of brief girth routines (squashes, modified jelqs, timed pressure holds) or heavy weight hanging (typically with shopping bag hanger) to overload the tissues and weaken them whinch in turn allows length routines and devices to become more effective as well as push you past plateaus (growth slowing). Heavy hang is best suggested for those wishing to add base girth and length.

-The weakening of the tissue/tunica allows light weight/force to be effective during use of stretching devices. With the tunica (chamber walls) weakened, that leaves the ligaments to bear the loads and they cannot resist the stretching forces and thus it will continue to get longer.

-With the tunica weakened (via cell wall disruption), the stretching force is now transmitted directly to the ligaments and skin (can’t withstand the strain) and accelerated or renewed length gains are often reported.

-If you wish to prevent base girth from increasing, use a girth routine (TPH, modified jelq/squash) for 5 minutes before every stretching session with devices.

                     GENERAL TIPS AND TRICKS

-ALWAYS wash hands and devices before beginning a PE session to avoid urinary tract infections!

-The first sign the exercises and devices are working is a larger size immediately following routines. While it may seem like forever, it can take 4-6 weeks of exercise and device use to break own the erectile chambers. Signs of breakdown (also known as the Gain Zone) manifest themselves by feeling like a woven cloth or knotted sweater beneath the skin while felt semi-erect on the sides of the shaft.

-The key is to cause stress on the tissues in the direction you want the growth to occur.

-Don't do exercises or use devices (minutes to hours) before having sex to avoid issues with your erection hardness.

-Warm ups, warm downs, abstinence, and other common suggestions found online are not required to still see excellent results.

-Keep your gains.  The overshoot method tends to work best.  Go beyond your length and girth goals by at least .25” and once the body reabsorbs some of the length pulled free and inflammation fades you will be left with the size you desire.  Slight shrinkage after PE is ceased is inevitable, so just plan for it and overshoot. No other maintenance required..except maybe practicing kegels to keep erection quality high.

-DO NOT attempt to wear any device while unconscious/asleep or under the influence of drugs or medications due to safety concerns, even if the manufacturers suggest it. A sudden shift in the device could possibly cut off circulation. Loss of circulation for even 10 minutes will begin to damage tissue!

-Personal routines should be planned around your observed ideal exercise/healing cycle, so adjust days on/off to maximize your growth. Typically its 1 day on/1 day off, so take notes and compare month to month to determine the best schedule for you. DO NOT become upset if some guys do things daily while you must take rest are still making progress!

-Heavy girth work can lower erection quality (EQ) both after a routine and in general. Take 1 or more rest days if it begins to dip below your liking. For heavy girth users, a cockring may be necessary.



DON'T ignore them..!!! Signs include but are not limited to: Tingling, numbness, sudden sharp pain, color changes (blue/black are bad), bruising (beyond the typical small red dots that disappear in hours). PE done properly won't cause any of these injury signs. Tingling following routines is often a sign of growth being triggered.



Please see the Injury index page for photos, information, and treatments.


                                                      Should I do this daily?

Best practice is to take notes, which requires patience. Measure once a month, and record the results AND exactly what you did during sessions. If you want to know if a change in routine, device adjustment, or session schedule has an effect...simply change one factor each month. You will know whether that change had an effect and over time those records will show you things like how many on/off days to take as well as what works and what doesn't.


PE is a lifestyle choice, one which may require years for the results you desire. As such, play it safe and know everything you can about the techniques and devices before committing. Knowledge can make the difference between making gains and wasted time and effort.


The exercises and devices take time to get used to and you may make mistakes while learning. It’s natural, but don't let it discourage you. Learn from every mistake and apply it to make the best it. Injuries are things to learn from and the vast majority are minor and heal within days.


You'll hear that word quite often here and for good reason. Being random or lazy with your exercises or device use yields inconsistent and thus slower results. You need to put the time in at regular intervals for gains to build upon one another.


The single most important factor in PE. Slow and steady is best and gaining is still gaining no matter how long it takes.! PE isn't a race to compete with other men, but a personal challenge to gain confidence in oneself. The size increase is just a number. Trying to rush and take shortcuts can result in injuries which will further slow your results. Don't wear any device while asleep, drunk or high, or under the influence of medications which may impair your judgement or cause unconsciousness. Don't perform PE if impaired in any way.


                                                Safety First, Size Second

Lastly…..PLAY IT SAFE..!  Use the phrase, “just because you can doesn’t mean you should” when thinking about taking risks or shortcuts with exercises or devices.  Excess weight, pressure, or force is the number one way to injure yourself. All you need to do is create a stretching sensation for girth and soreness for length to see continued gains. Progress to the next level of PE ONLY when your gains from your current technique begin to slow down and you feel you are conditioned enough to withstand the added stresses. Slow, careful, and steady is the safest and fastest route. PE is a marathon not a race, so don’t try to speed things up, as it only causes injury and even more delays to reaching your potential.